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April 2016

6 Ways To Derail Your Interview

Talking negatively about a previous employer Employers would expect confidentiality and professionalism after leaving a position.  If you speak about an old employer in a bad light, they may be concerned about you doing the same with their company. You may also be portrayed as a negative person who could hurt your chances of being offered the position. Not coming prepared and not asking questions Not coming prepared to an interview is a huge mistake. Many companies will ask you situational questions [...]

5 Truths of a Toxic Employee

According to the, 1 in 20 workers was ultimately terminated for toxic behavior. A toxic employee can be a challenge to identify, but these four habits should help recognize which workers are creating a toxic work environment. An employee who takes meetings off track This person is the one who may attack or argue during a meeting to take the meeting off track. The employee tries to get others involved in their off topic argument during the meeting which will [...]

5 Ways Living A Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Your Career

Your health is crucial to your career. How do you ask? Take a look at our top 5 ways living a healthy lifestyle can impact your career: Makes you more alert, awake and happy. Multiple cups of coffee each day may be delicious and wake you up, but exercising and eating healthy could have the same impact. Exercising and eating healthy can boost productivity at work because you can be more alert and awake. When you exercise, Dopamine (a chemical that plays a [...]

4 Reasons Why Employee Training Is Essential For Company Success

HR Magazine states that companies that invest $1,500 or more per employee per year on training average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies with lower yearly training investments. On-boarding, job enrichment, technology training, development training, and career management training are just the start of topics companies can train. Below are four reasons why employee training is essential for business success: Builds loyalty and company engagement. According to SHRM, workers are the most engaged with a company for their first six months [...]