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March 2016

How To Research A Potential Employers

“Nearly two thirds of those surveyed consider this lack of preparedness a real problem” according to One of the most critical parts of an application and interview process is properly researching potential employers. Below are four tips on how to research potential employers for your job search: Company website This may seem obvious, but some interviewees will only read the description of the business on the job posting. Researching a company goes way beyond that. You should read the about [...]

Did You Know… The New Overtime Rule Could Affect 10 Million Workers?

The final Overtime Rule is edging closer to its release date while many companies still have no idea it will be released. According to, the new rule may be published by July 7th and take effect on Labor Day. Or the rule could be issued the Friday before Labor Day and take effect November 1st. Below are a few predicted effects of the new law: Wage and Hour Lawsuits will increase. Companies will need to develop methods to track work time [...]

Quick Guide: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are searching for a job or happy in your current profession, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is vitally important to expand your professional network. Our quick guide shares the top things professionals focus on when reviewing your LinkedIn profile. Include a professional profile picture and cover photo. Getting a professional head shot is ideal when it comes to a LinkedIn profile photo. Although, if you are unable to get it professionally done make sure it is not any of these [...]

4 Reasons to Consider a Diversity Recruiting Program

Forbes stated 85% of 321 large global companies agreed or strongly agreed that diversity is crucial to fostering innovation in the workplace. Creating a diverse workforce can be challenging, but it can have a huge positive impact on your company. Here are five reasons to consider a diversity recruiting program.  It can create profit “The annualized return for the 100 companies which rated lowest in equal employment opportunities issues, average 7.9 percent, compared to 18.3 percent for the 100 companies that [...]

4 Biggest Differences Between a CV and a Resume

Depending on the job that you are applying for, you might see a request for a resume or a Curriculum Vitæ (CV). Curriculum Vitæ, which means the course of life in Latin has many differences from a resume.   Below are our top 4 differences between a CV and a resume:   1)    Length. Resumes are typically not longer than a page to two pages depending on the length of your work experience. CV’s are longer documents that are usually 2 or more pages.   2)    Content. The [...]