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January 2016

What Work Benefits do Millennials Want?

91% of Millennials don’t intend to stick with their job for more than three years according Millennials, according to, were born between the years of 1982 and 2000 (16 to 34 years old). Millennials make up ¼ of the working population. Updating company benefits to attract and retain millennials will be important for years to come as millennials go from entry level employees to managers. Career Advancement and Professional Development Career path or skills development opportunities are things millennials [...]

3 Ways to answer “What Motivates you” in an Interview

Can you impress a hiring manager or recruiter within the first 90 seconds of your interview? According to, 33% of hiring managers and recruiters make their decisions within that time.  Besides your first impression and knowing about the company, successfully answering big interview questions can set you apart from other candidates in the interview process. Below are tips on how to answer the question “what motivates you” during your interview: 1) Before the interview, list successes. Take a look at your [...]

5 Benefits of Hiring Referrals

1) People who are referred to your company stay longer. According to, on average 47% of referred employees stay longer than 3 years at a company compared to 14% of employees placed through a job board. Referred employees most likely know someone else within the company who is able to introduce them to the company and help build relationships. 2) Referrals are less expensive to hire. Less money spent on job boards, advertising, and the hiring process. Spending $500- $2500 to [...]

How to: Negotiate the Best Salary Offer for Yourself

What’s the slowest way to lose $600,000? On average you could stand to lose $600,000 over a lifetime by not properly negotiating your salary, according to  This is based off of a 40 year career when asking for $5,000 more than your initial offer. Below is how to negotiate the best salary offer: 1) Be Enthusiastic. Let the employer know how gracious you are for the job offer and that you would love to work with their company. It is important [...]

4 Benefits of a Continuous Candidate Pipeline

According to, an average turnover rate for all industries is 15.7%.  Depending on your industry, this could either be higher or lower.  Most companies must hire a baseline of candidates each year to keep their company the same size. Below are our 4 benefits of a continuous candidate pipeline:   1) Shorter hiring period. According to it takes 27.3 days to fill a job opening. This is the highest in 15 years and almost double the amount of time it took [...]

5 Ways your Local Library can help with your Job Search

55% of Philadelphia households do not have internet access according to Local libraries have many benefits for those who do not have internet access as well as those who do. Below are 5 ways your local library can help with your job search: 1) Free work space. For those without a home office, a library can be a quiet refuge for doing a focused job search.  In addition, libraries provide free internet and computer access, if you sign up for [...]